Our Board


Alireza Kheirabadi

Co-founder and Chief Editor

I’m Alireza, Co-founder and Chief Editor of Saffron Express magazine.

I’m a media expert for almost 15 years. Due to my experience in working with many saffron exporters and such clients, I found myself becoming a saffron expert which has led me to contribute to Saffron Express.

Vahid Sohrabi Aval

Vahid Sohrabi Aval

Co-founder and Lead Researcher

Hey, I am Vahid; Co-founder and Lead Researcher of Saffron Express magazine. 
I’ve been traveling the world since my early years of being a teenager, met with many cultures and worked with many great business partners from Switzerland to China and Dubai, Spain, Italy…
but in recent years I’ve been focusing on exporting Iranian saffron and have gained great experiences around it. I’m here to share it with you all.

Behnoosh Mohammadzadeh

Behnoosh Mohammadzadeh

Technology Consultant

I’m Behnoosh, I’m the information technology consultant of Saffron Express Magazine.

I undertake to advise on, plan, design and implement the information technology systems contributed to this website.