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Founded in September of 2020 and based in Mashhad, Iran, Saffron Express is a multimedia magazine for people to discover more about Saffron Crocus and the uses of it. Our main focus will be the original history and the culture of this irreplaceable spice! 

Gathering here today, we pay our tribute to all the hard work that has been done to plant, grow, and harvest Saffron. Therefore we teamed up with a bunch of professionals to make it a whole lot easier for our customers to learn more about the benefits of this herb and help them purchase the highest quality Saffron in the world! 

We work on different subjects here.

Market & Trade

The “Market & Trade” category is to enlighten customers about Saffron market and promote the sale of goods.

market and trade
saffron culture

Saffron Culture

“Saffron Culture” is all about the history of this beloved spice and can illuminate gastronomical strategies, making a link between culture and cooking.


“Education” category will be of service to help you out through your day with some handy life hacks and tricks.

cooling and recipes

Cooking & Recipes

“Cooking & Recipes” will provide some tasty and everyday instructions that can guarantee phrases like: “Yummy!”, “Tastes delicious!”, and “Wow this food is amazing!” coming from your friends and family!


And last but not the least, we have the ‘Reviews’ category. Here we will prepare various analyses about the different Saffron brands and it will allow customers to make instant comparisons between the quality of different Saffron brands, without needing to purchase and sample the Saffron.


stay tuned with our articles!

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